Privacy Policy

By using or accessing the Site, the User is accepting the fact that the Company may supervise the use its Users make with respect to the Site and the Services through Cookies and/or similar means. The Company may use the information collected for supervision, development, approving and maintenance of the Services on a continual basis.

The Company respects each individual’s right to privacy. The Company values its relationship with the Users and it takes pride in maintaining loyalty and respect with each individual User by providing it with security. Notwithstanding the above, the Company may disclose personal information with regulatory authorities or as required by applicable law or in the event of a merger of the Company with a third party. For example, the Company may disclose personal information to cooperate with regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies to comply with subpoenas or other official requests, and as necessary to protect our rights or property. When a User registers with the Site, the Company will collect personal information about it. The Company reserves the right to make use of any such information collected for the improvement of the Company Services and/or Site and in order to notify Users of products and services offered by or in the Site which the User may find interesting and the Company may send to the Users adverts. Such information and advertisements may be provided to you by the Company by way of : (a) notice to your home address, (b) notice to your e-mail address (c) notice to your mobile device; and (d) notice through automatic dialing for fax or voice notices. Your approval above constitutes your approval to receive advertisement information pursuant to the Communication law (Bezeq and broadcast)(40 Amendment) – 2008. It is hereby clarified that notwithstanding your approval above, you shall be entitled to refuse such notices by sending a refusal notice to the Company in writing or in the manner it was sent to you.

Disconnection and changes

The Company may delete content and/or links and/or Services, at its sole discretion and without providing a notice of such to the Users and in addition shall be entitled to block and/or limit and/or stop the grant of Services in the event a User has made use in such a manner which can cause disturbance to the Services, other Users or which can constitute a civil or criminal act. In addition, the Company may disconnect and/or limit the use of the Site or the Services and any time if in its sole discretion such is needed for maintenance and/or emergency re installment of application in the Site. It is hereby clarified that nothing in the above limitations shall impose on the Company any responsibility and/or liability and/or shall derogate from the terms and conditions applicable to the Users. The Company shall be entitled from time to time to change the look, construction and services of the Site, their availability and any other aspect related thereto, all without prior notice to Users. The Users shall not have a right to claim against the Company in such event.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by the Canadian laws. The exclusive jurisdiction over any litigation related to and/or resulting from the Site and/or its use is given to the competent courts in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.